Monday, June 4, 2012

Driver's Diaries

I sat down at my desk in my bedroom, looked at the stacks of guitar books, cd’s, movies, papers, books, and the camera that I haven’t used in a year and thought that it was appalling that I had let all of this mess accumulate and that I really ought to clean it up. With a sigh I mentally sorted through all of the items on my desk, and then came to a realization; there is nothing more satisfying than a messy desk. It really does say something great about you. I don’t mean the kind of messy desk that you have at work where it is all neglected stuff that you really don’t want to do. That just means that you are overwhelmed and probably stressed needlessly. No what I mean is the kind of mess that really shows that you are an interesting person.

If you have more than a half-dozen books on your desk on subjects ranging from the arts to science to how to re-build your car engine, cd’s both burned and loose from their jewel cases, movies that hardly anyone else has ever seen, mixed with various musical instruments and the obligatory notepad, then you are probably an interesting conversationalist. 

I have always had some sort of mess following me around. I take a backpack everywhere I go and it has the minor equivalent of what you would find on my desk at home. All of this drives my wife absolutely nuts, but here is how I see it; if you don’t have a mess of things around you at all times, how are you going to get everything done before you die? That’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it? Doing everything you can before Richard Dawson (may he rest in peace) tells you that your time is up?

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